Reduced bills: ask and ye shall recieve

Bills bills bills.

Today, I decreased my energy bills AND my broadband and landline bill. This is totally boring life admin, and it’s hard to see how it will help The Big Trip so far down the line, but it will. Baby steps. Boring, boring, adult, baby steps.

I procrastinate with this stuff all the time, but I know if I really want to do any kind of financial overhaul, I’m gonna have to cut all expenses as much as possible. Which requires communicating with companies. And there are few things I dislike more than calling someone I do not know and love. Particularly when it requires any kind of negotiation or customer service.

Luckily, in the interweb age, there’s instant chat for phone-phobics! Sometimes it’s a bit crap, but today I knocked £13 off my monthly Virgin Media bill just for asking what was possible and committing to a 12 month contract! (Which is fine, because I’ll be here for 12 months.) And all I had to do was clack at my keyboard while also reserving the domain name for this website. MULTITASKING.

I did have to call SSE about my gas and electric, but I got that down from £84 per month total (I know. I KNOW.) to £59 total. Still cringe-y, but again, fixed for a year. I live in an old, draughty, top-floor flat and there’s not much more to be done for the amount of gas I use in the winter. I already walk around in a hoodie and reindeer slipper socks at least 5 months of the year.

Anyway, I just saved myself £38 per month. From the comfort of my crappy IKEA folding chair. That’s £456 of my money I get to keep in the coming year already, and I’m gonna need it all.

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