Travel Throwback Thursday

I’ve hijacked #tbt and turned it into #ttbt so I can tell stories about old photos of my past adventures. This time: the doorknobs of Modena.

My first time in Italy, I decided to spend one day in Modena on the way to Florence and Rome. How could I resist the home of balsamic vinegar?

However, with a tremendous lack of foresight, I ended up there, a small town in a Catholic country, on a Sunday. SO NOTHING WAS OPEN.

Ok. Not NOTHING. A few restaurants and the council-run art gallery (which was pretty great). But the hostel I was staying in booted you out between 10 and 4, and it was raining, and I couldn’t do any of the vinegar-related stuff I figured would be available because: Sunday.

So aside from making my lunch last as looooong as possible, I wandered around. In the rain. And to entertain myself, I took pictures of the various crazy doorknobs and hardware all over town. So many fancily-adorned closed doors. Hooray for making your own entertainment in a strange land!

I did get pretty soaked. Then I went to hang out in the local park with some ducks.

Ducks about to get in the water
Nice weather for (Italian) ducks.

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