Walking the Scottish coast

It could take a while.

So between lockdowns in the summer of 2021, I decided to do this thing.

There still wasn’t much going on. My flat is very tiny. I love it, but like most homes, it was not meant to serve every single indoor purpose and a few outdoor ones as well.

I had been feeling sluggish and blergh. I had obviously not been dancing 2-3 times a week as in the before times. I had not been lifting weights. I couldn’t stretch all the way out anywhere in my flat. Even on my bed I either hung off or hit the wall. So I was walking a lot. And swimming in the sea.

My YouTube obsessions at the time included thru-hikers and all their strangely addictive gear videos. And watching people hike the PCT was very compelling, but that is not the trail for me.

I like hills now and then but what I really love is the sea. Mainland Scotland has somewhere around 9,910km of coastline, and 18,743 if you count the over 900 islands.

Good thing I live in Scotland.