Ready, steady

Signed, sealed, delivered. Not too bad a start, really.

I don’t really do resolutions. There’s plenty of stuff I want to do this year, but putting some arbitrary stamp on them isn’t really my jam. Plus, once you call it a resolution, I feel like it’s that much more likely to fade into oblivion. Much like most of my ‘look at all the stuff I’m definitely gonna do on my two weeks off!’ list.

It’s the last day of those two weeks and while I’ve done a fair few things, I definitely did a bit more relaxing than getting stuff done. This probably isn’t so bad, but it does point out, once again, my ability to look at a period of time and decide I must be able to cram more into it than humanly or even dimensionally possible. Followed by me continuing to ‘learn’ that I usually try to do WAY too much.

This makes me a little worried about everything I want to do this year. I now have ten months til my intended go time, and man, ten months can go FAST. I don’t doubt I’ll get to the Trans Siberian, but I definitely need to do some Big-List-Fu in the next few weeks so I can stop freaking myself out about ALL THE THINGS there are to do.

One thing I DID sort out on this glorious two week break was my citizenship application. It’s done! It’s away! Now all I have to do is wait (and plan the party). I’m excited about it. I’m relieved it’s out of my hands. I’m ready to move on to the next thing.

I also did a massive clear out of clothes and papers (so many papers) and just general crap clogging up my closet and my life. That felt pretty good. And in between, I watched a lot of Netflix, went to some films, drank and bitched with friends, and walked around a lot. And today I cleaned my kitchen. And decided that my next baking quest is to perfect the savoury muffin once and for all, because DAMN I love me some savoury muffins.

On top of everything, I now have an impressive list of reading recommendations from all the brilliant people I know (Facebook is good for SOME things), so when the planning gets a little too immense, I can disappear into some amazing stories.

I’ve got a few new series in mind for the blog this year, so I’m off to work on the ideas for some of those with the rest of this last day off. Watch this space!

Back to work tomorrow. Bring it on, 2015.

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