Travel links! I have them.

This week I got my British passport (yaaaay!), celebrated by buying a new travel towel to replace my tired 12-year-old one, and started constructing a giant trip planning calendar (pictures soon). I also did not think too hard about what I should post next. But I’ve been hoarding a few travel-related things on the interweb, so here they are.

Nomad List

A beautifully designed amalgamation of data on the best places to live and work remotely. Initial grid view shows vital stats like current temperature, cost of living, air quality, and wifi speed. Completely searchable and filterable, and easily the start of a few interweb wormholes. Also has a social element if you’re into that. The info is partially crowdsourced, and I found the stuff on Edinburgh to be reasonably accurate, so that gives me at least some level of trust in it.


This is another one that snags you with design, although I’ve had varying levels of praise for the actual written content. The photos tend to be amazing across the board, so if you’re looking for great, well-presented travel photography, you’ll love it. But the first thing I found when looking for something on Siberia was an article on Lake Baikal I found… lacking. Which is too bad, because I had high hopes. I’m looking forward to poking around the site more though.

Stowaway Cosmetics

I do not wear makeup. (Seriously, I have one expensive tube of lip shine that I use when I feel like I want to be slightly fancier than slathering Vaseline on my lips but that’s about it.) However, if I DID wear makeup, I would be all about trying this Stowaway stuff out. It all comes in travel-friendly sizes only. And that would appeal to me whether or not I was actually traveling because the point is you actually get through the stuff instead of collecting many half-used things of makeup. Also paraben, phthalate, and cruelty-free!

Cards Against Originality

Not STRICTLY a travel thing, but stick with me on this. Some evil genius took advantage of Cards Against Humanity’s Creative Commons status to make a web app version you can play on your phone or computer with whoever you send a link to. I don’t know about you, but I think an ongoing game of cards that makes you snort-laugh unexpectedly with your friends from back home or across the world would be a great, small way to help combat homesickness or bouts of loneliness on the road.



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