I love weddings. I LOVE THEM. There is happy crying and food and booze and laughing and dancing like idiots and LOVE. And I am a sucker for it all.

More awkward bride selfies. #Debergman

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Lindsay and Dan’s wedding – the reason I’m currently in the US trying to cram as much Seeing All The People Possible in the days flanking it – was at Historic Shady Lane near York, PA. It’s an old house with lots of other little buildings on the property and a ton of space and good photo op locations, so, perfect for an outdoor wedding. It was a gorgeous day (super hot, but there was a breeze and plenty of shade). Everyone from the wedding party and the families pitched in to get things set up. There was good beer. There was pulled pork. There were old college friends I’d not seen in years. There were doughnuts instead of cake. (YES. DOUGHNUTS.)

THIS HAPPENED. And it was good.
THIS HAPPENED. And it was good.

Most importantly, one of my best friends got married to one of the nicest dudes on this earth and I am so freaking happy for them.

I always feel a bit weird about sweeping into town from Scotland like a novelty on these occasions, because I don’t want anyone to pay attention to that. It’s a privilege to be involved in Significant Life Events, and I’m lucky to be able to make the trip for it. I’m glad they wanted me here and I always just want it to be a nice day for the people who’ve been planning for ages. And I think it was.

This trip hasn’t been the smoothest I’ve done, but my poorly-timed cold seemed to clear out for the day of the wedding, which I tipped my hat to the universe for. And the minute I got to York and answered my hotel room door to find Lindsay on the other side, any of my personal internal grumbling about my health-related discomfort or anything else just disintegrated.

As is often the case, I only wish I could stay longer and have more time with people. But there is never enough time, and I’m not the only one on the planet wanting to see my friends. And I know weddings are NUTS for the bride and groom, so they are no doubt enjoying the crap out of their fancy airbnb honeymoon where they don’t have to talk to or see ANYONE (let alone me). Or wear super constricting garments in the heat.


I so so wish we could have stretched the day out, but I’m also so so glad you were here for it. I love you and everyone who met you for the first time loves you and Dan loves you and my Mom loves you and we were all running around like a bunch of crazy chickens with our heads cut off and our tummies full of barbecue. It was a perfect day, and especially perfect because you were there.

(And yes, the airbnb honeymoonish was the best choice because I literally did nothing but read and nap and enjoy some 60-degree weather at a botanical garden.)

Awwwww. I love you too and I will be around longer next time!

(Also, I didn’t mention this in the post but those hotel beds were so fucking good. I slept better the two nights I was there than I did the whole rest of my trip. And that was ON TOP of all the other good things about the day.)

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