Knowledge without mileage = BS

My friend Dan brought this bit of Henry Rollins to my attention when we were talking about my travel plans, and it’s fantastic. He’s right. You gotta go out and get some stories (even if you don’t end up quite as good at telling them as he is).

Granted if you watch through the whole 4 parts of this you’ll find it’s at least 50% about gastrointestinal gymnastics, but the first and second parts are, in the main, about booking and embarking on a Trans-Siberian adventure. Well worth watching.

Henry Rollins clearly doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the food adventures of, well, adventuring, but I still love him anyway. I do aim to have more than just a story of vomit when I return, but if ever there was an entertaining take on being ill on a train, this is probably it.

The bit about running through Frankfurt airport is also hilariously accurate. It’s always as though you’ve been dropped on a friggin’ Möbius strip and your connection can’t be anywhere but the furthest point possible from where you start.

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